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Outstanding Design

Decks, porches and stairs just aren’t complete without a railing. Add architectural style and human support with a PVC deck railing, PVC porch railing or stairway hand rail to your home or commercial building. With this mind, we designed TUF board® RAIL to compliment TUF board® DECK. Mustering a completely contrast look to your TUF board® DECK or conducting harmonical color match, the versatile choices of TUF board® RAIL is at your dispose. More ideas? Our RAIL system's paintable surface never hold you back.

Custom Kits, Easy to Install

Each TUF board® RAIL kit is customized to your exact requirements. Your local TUF board® dealer will assist you in choosing the right components and dimensions you need for a complete installation in the design of your choice.

All galvanized steel posts are pre-assembled eliminating the time consuming task of installing brackets on the job. Using basic woodworking tools and skills – a drill and a screwdriver – you can have your TUF board® RAIL system installed in a minimal amount of time and effort. A PVC deck railing, PVC porch railing or stairway hand rail are easy to install in just an afternoon for a lifetime of beauty and support.

Order is Easy

TUF board® RAIL is available in two product lines to fit your style and your budget: Premium and Pro Preference.

Premium RAIL System was designed with the belief that your outdoor living space is a reflection of your personality and style. With an exciting array of design options, you can choose the look and feel that inspires you and compliments any home or business architectural design.

Pro Preference RAIL System was created with simple elegance in mind - easy to install and beautiful to behold. An aluminum railing system with steel structural posts clad in a highly durable vinyl, it’s the perfect alternative to the cost and labor of wood and you can enjoy the strength and durability of metal without the maintenance.

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