Why Veranda HP Environmental Friendly

Environmental Friendly

All Veranda HP products are 100% recyclable. The benefits of recycling PVC building materials include reduced landfill waste, reduce embodied energy, and reduce the impacts from harvest or mining.

How does PVC recycling help environment conservation?

PVC recycling helps the environment by slowing down the rate at which we fill our landfills. This will reduce the amount of landfills needed and with fewer landfills we can have more space for people to farm, live, and work.

PVC recycling includes recycling building materials which helps by reducing our need to consume fresh natural resources to make new products. As a result we conserve natural resources for use by future generations. Most importantly, recycling saves energy and reduces pollution. This could help slow down global climate change, another environmental problem caused by burning fossil fuels like oil and gas – ultimately this aids in reducing our carbon footprint.

PVC recycling counts into the numbers

1 ton recycled PVC = reduction of 3,929 lbs CO2 than producing virgin PVC

1 ton virgin PVC emissions = 15.84 times the emissions of one ton recycled PVC

1 ton recycled PVC = 94% less emission produced by using virgin PVC materials

How does Veranda HP board help environment conservation?

Veranda HP building materials are recyclable through brokers that will pick up and dispose of the material using recycling efforts where it will be directed into secondary PVC products. We also use material diverted from the waste stream during the manufacturing process.

Veranda HP is taking a proactive approach to socially and environmentally responsible behavior. By leveraging our extensive research and development capabilities we are providing innovative products and solutions which positively impact the environment, reduce waste, and conserve natural resources. Green construction materials will help build our future.