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Celular PVC Products

Inteplast Group Ltd. has been manufacturing cellular PVC products for residential and commercial use since its inception in 1991. Our product line began with TRIM in 1991. We’ve since expanded to include MOULDING, DECK, and RAIL. In 2010 we’ve introduced our new SIDING and FENCE products with great interest from our customers.

As natural resources become scarcer it is more important to use them more efficiently. As our company has grown and we’ve expanded our product lines our goal has been to manufacture in an environmentally smart and responsible manner so we reduce waste before, during and after we supply the finished products to our customers. This includes recycling plastics and related material to use in our products, reducing energy and material waste during the production process and creating products that can be recycled when they have outlasted their usefulness years down the road. By producing green construction materials our goal has been to reduce our carbon footprint.

About Inteplast Group, Ltd.

Originally established in 1991 as Inteplast Corporation, our company was developed on a large scale in order to competitively produce quality products and provide value to our customers. Our plants are the largest of their kind and contain the finest equipmentavailable in the world. imageWe have also incorporated the latest and most innovative technology including advanced automation and computerization into our operation to ensure the output of quality products. Our facilities have achieved ISO 9001: 2008 Certification, making Inteplast recognized by the world as quality manufacturers. Additionally, Inteplast's strong management and technical teams provide first-rate in-house support.

Our three divisions, AmTopp, Integrated Bagging Systems, and World-Pak offer a diverse product line including BOPP, Stretch, and XF cross-laminated film; grocery, merchandise, and garment bags; trash can liners; fluted plastic sheets; free foam and celuka PVC sheets.

About World-Pak

The World-Pak division manufactures innovative and varied products, including corrugated-plastic sheets, solid and expanded PVC sheets, and cross-laminated heavy-duty film and bags. Inteplast Group’s commitment to quality and service is always foremost. World-Pak constantly innovates and updates processes to support our customers. Our product lines cover numerous applications and come in various sizes and shapes; however, no matter the product, the most advanced equipment ensures consistent quality throughout.

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